My New Home Away From Home

In an ongoing effort to catch my blog up to my real life, I’m going to finally sit down and write a bit about our NEW STUDIO!

Metta Audio's new studio

That’s right! Metta Audio, which was originally started in our dining room / home office has finally transitioned to a full blown dedicated studio space, which I share with the ever talented Betsy King of Betsy King Photography and a new colleague/friend Tim Harvey.

I’ve been there a month now, although it hardly feels like it’s been that long, and I love it. It’s a great little space for me and for my work. Mixing in a larger room has proven to be an incredible change from my tiny home studio. The first day I was there, I pulled up some older works I had been happy with and listened to them to test the room acoustics, and I think for the first time ever, I could hear the compressor. And it wasn’t pretty. Details in the music were showing up that I hadn’t heard before. The bass was more present. It is so much easier to hear exactly what’s going on and make better choices which leads to better music. Win win, I say.

The studio has brought with it some great new energy. Already I have had more people stop by or call and chat about future projects and ideas than I ever did at home. Thanks to Betsy’s decorating sense and an Ikea run, I finally have a great place to meet clients and collaborators. If you’re ever interested in stopping by, visitors are always welcome. (Although call first, just to make sure I’m there.)

Metta Audio meeting space

As I spread the news, I get a couple reoccurring questions. Why did we move into a studio space? Honestly, because working from home with a three year old and one on the way means work time always takes a back seat. I worked all the time yet was never really 100% there, and somehow I only ever really got the bare minimum done. My home office was off the kitchen too, which means I could hear EVERYTHING that happened in the house. And I had to mix on headphones 90% of the time, which is hard to do even if you’re good at mixing, which I am not, I’m afraid.

I also get asked about how we found the space. The best I can say is it was a combination of the internet and destiny. It started almost on a whim, and when we actually saw the space, we just knew it was the right next step for our businesses.

Of course, a change like this isn’t all roses. I love having some isolated work time, and having my office away from the house has definitely forced me to work when it’s work time, and be home when it’s home time. But it also means I’m not home all day every day, and I find I miss my boy. Like most of America, I have to say goodbye to him every morning, as I head off to work. I’m not going to lie, it’s not easy. I stall like crazy, wandering around the house, mumbling, trying to gather up everything I need to take with me, and finding excuses to chat with Miles. I’m sure it drives Betsy crazy. I really do miss him and Betsy while I’m at the office, but it’s what I do to take care of my family. And honestly, since I’m still gloriously self employed, my schedule is still flexible and I take full advantage of that. So you’re not going to get any complaints from me! Besides, with my view, I never feel that far from my family:

My view of Miles

The new studio address is:

2042 Broadway
Suite 202
Fort Wayne, In 46802

For Betsy’s take on the space, and a good description on how to find it, be sure to check out her blog about it.

And last by not least: What do I consider to be the best thing to come from the new studio space so far? Can anyone say Tin Caps? More on that later…

Oh, and a quick THANK YOU to Betsy for letting me swipe some of her photos of our studio for this entry. Don’t worry, they’re used with permission!

Much Metta,


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2 Responses to “My New Home Away From Home”
  1. Tim Harvey says:

    Getting a dedicated work space after spending a lot of time at home is tough, but so rewarding! And you both did wonders finding an awesome space that oozes creativity.

  2. Congratulations, John! It looks great–such an exciting move! Looking forward to seeing the new awesomeness you will be coming up with. I mean, hearing it. 🙂