Tin Caps, Season 2!

Last year I was fortunate enough to do some work for Punch Films, including writing music for the Tin Caps commercial. The Tin Caps actually put together two videos, a longer one that is played at the game, and a 30 second one for commercials. Derek at Punch came to me last year with the long edit finished, looking for music they could license just for the commercial. It was a thrill seeing my work on TV for their commercial, but when I actually went to the game, I was disappointed to see the longer version without my music.

Fast forward to this year and again Derek contacted me to write some music. The Tin Caps owners had already picked out the music they wanted for their in-game promo, but I was determined to have my music played at the game and not just on TV. I convinced Derek to let me write some original music for it anyway, which he was willing to present to the owners and let them decide whether to use or not. Here goes nothing:

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Guess what?… They loved it! So, any Fort Wayne locals, if you attend a Tin Caps game this season (and you should!) be sure to listen for my music. Betsy and I haven’t been yet, but we’ll definitely find some time soon!

By the way, I got a call from my good friend Chris yesterday while he was at a game. When the promo came on he recognized my music, freaked out and immediately had to text me. Said it gave him goosebumps.

So if you go to a game, be sure to let me know if you catch the video. I wouldn’t even mind if you texted me. 😉

Much Metta,


P.S. – I used this choir library for the choir sound. It’s a unique library in that you can actually type in the words you want the choir to sing. Any guesses what the choir is saying?

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