Step 1

Each and every one of us has a responsibility to find our gift, our voice, our unique talent and share it with the world. It’s not optional, by the way. It’s the whole reason we’re here.

Follow the easy

The inevitable first step to changing the world is identifying what your gifts are. For as simple as that sounds, it’s one of the biggest hurdles for most people. Finding what is unique to you requires two steps. First you must find what your innate talents are. These are those little abilities that mask themselves in a feeling of ordinary. “It’s not a talent, anyone can do that…” is often a good sign that you’re on the right track. What appears to you as a basic skill is a huge challenge for someone else. Pay attention to those.

1% inspiration

Finding those talents is step one. The next step is looking within those gifts to find what motivates you, after all, the process of developing and sharing your talents will take perspiration. You often have to stoke you own fire, so there’d better be a spark there to begin with.

I’m still at step one. My passion and talent seems to be learning more than just about anything else. There’s always something new to learn about music, composition, web development, graphic design, Ruby on Rails programming, Blender and 3D graphics, to name a few of my recent interests. Assuming learning is one of my talents, how exactly do I share that with the world?

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