80% off? you mean 20%, right?

An end of year sale!

First off, let me be clear: MettaAudio is running a sale, and everything is now 80% off. That may be all you need to read, in that case… GO!

For a limited time

And yes, this is for a limited time, because if it wasn’t, than it wouldn’t be called 80% off, it would be ‘the price.’ So if you’re a photographer who makes slideshows for your client, this is a great opportunity to grab some fresh, new music for your productions.

Seriously, 80%??

Seriously. The idea of running a huge sale actually started a few weekends ago. I was home with the kiddos while Betsy was out and we were listening to music on my iPhone. After a couple pieces by Percy Grainger my phone started playing music I had written, and in many cases, not listened to in quite some time. The more I listened, the more I enjoyed it. It was like coming across a set of old childhood photos. They’re both familiar and fresh at the same time. By the end of the morning I had decided I wanted to try and get my music into more people’s ears, and one of the best ways I know of to do that is make sure people can afford it. And by people, I mean you. And that new photography studio that opened up downtown. And that Mom who wants to put up videos of her kids on YouTube without having them mute the copyrighted music in a couple months. And even seasoned photographers like my wife who have clients comment regularly on how the slideshow made them tear up. So, 80% it is. Take a listen.

Tell your friends

If my goal is to get more music to more people, I certainly can’t do it alone. If you know someone who you think would be interested in using my music, send them a link: http://mettaaudio.com/blog/products-page/

Be sure to shoot me an email or leave a comment that you’ve passed my site on. To show my appreciation, the next new piece I release is yours for free.

Did you say ‘new piece?’

I plead the 5th. But you might want to subscribe to the RSS, just in case.

Thanks for tuning in. Happy listening!


P.S. Just in case you’re one of those people who just reads the P.S., take 80% off everything in the store. Go now.

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