80% off? you mean 20%, right?

An end of year sale!

First off, let me be clear: MettaAudio is running a sale, and everything is now 80% off. That may be all you need to read, in that case… GO!

For a limited time

And yes, this is for a limited time, because if it wasn’t, than it wouldn’t be called 80% off, it would be ‘the price.’ So if you’re a photographer who makes slideshows for your client, this is a great opportunity to grab some fresh, new music for your productions.

Seriously, 80%??

Seriously. The idea of running a huge sale actually started a few weekends ago. I was home with the kiddos while Betsy was out and we were listening to music on my iPhone. After a couple pieces by Percy Grainger my phone started playing music I had written, and in many cases, not listened to in quite some time. The more I listened, the more I enjoyed it. It was like coming across a set of old childhood photos. They’re both familiar and fresh at the same time. By the end of the morning I had decided I wanted to try and get my music into more people’s ears, and one of the best ways I know of to do that is make sure people can afford it. And by people, I mean you. And that new photography studio that opened up downtown. And that Mom who wants to put up videos of her kids on YouTube without having them mute the copyrighted music in a couple months. And even seasoned photographers like my wife who have clients comment regularly on how the slideshow made them tear up. So, 80% it is. Take a listen.

Tell your friends

If my goal is to get more music to more people, I certainly can’t do it alone. If you know someone who you think would be interested in using my music, send them a link: http://mettaaudio.com/blog/products-page/

Be sure to shoot me an email or leave a comment that you’ve passed my site on. To show my appreciation, the next new piece I release is yours for free.

Did you say ‘new piece?’

I plead the 5th. But you might want to subscribe to the RSS, just in case.

Thanks for tuning in. Happy listening!


P.S. Just in case you’re one of those people who just reads the P.S., take 80% off everything in the store. Go now.

Tin Caps, Season 2!

Last year I was fortunate enough to do some work for Punch Films, including writing music for the Tin Caps commercial. The Tin Caps actually put together two videos, a longer one that is played at the game, and a 30 second one for commercials. Derek at Punch came to me last year with the long edit finished, looking for music they could license just for the commercial. It was a thrill seeing my work on TV for their commercial, but when I actually went to the game, I was disappointed to see the longer version without my music.

Fast forward to this year and again Derek contacted me to write some music. The Tin Caps owners had already picked out the music they wanted for their in-game promo, but I was determined to have my music played at the game and not just on TV. I convinced Derek to let me write some original music for it anyway, which he was willing to present to the owners and let them decide whether to use or not. Here goes nothing:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Guess what?… They loved it! So, any Fort Wayne locals, if you attend a Tin Caps game this season (and you should!) be sure to listen for my music. Betsy and I haven’t been yet, but we’ll definitely find some time soon!

By the way, I got a call from my good friend Chris yesterday while he was at a game. When the promo came on he recognized my music, freaked out and immediately had to text me. Said it gave him goosebumps.

So if you go to a game, be sure to let me know if you catch the video. I wouldn’t even mind if you texted me. 😉

Much Metta,


P.S. – I used this choir library for the choir sound. It’s a unique library in that you can actually type in the words you want the choir to sing. Any guesses what the choir is saying?

Short Film – Out of Focus

On April 23 my good friend Amil gathered his film crew together and decided to enter the New York Film Race. If you haven’t heard of a film race before, you basically get 24 hours to write, film, edit and assemble a 3 1/2 minute short film for this competition. They give you a theme and a surprise element that must appear in the film. (That way you can’t really work on it ahead of time…) This year’s theme was “Side Effects” and the element was a pushup. They announce the theme and surprise element at 5pm on a Friday, and the film is due in hand by 5pm on Saturday. Needless to say, it’s a LOT of work.

This video, however, is not actually the entry we created. As they were editing it (and I was waiting to score it) Amil realized that the film was too long for the competition, but actually coming together rather nicely. So, after they chopped it up to fit the time constraint and entered the competition, Amil decided to go back and finish up the longer version. This is the longer version of “Out of Focus”:

The scoring process took place over a couple days this week and I’m really happy with how it turned out. It seems to balance being dark but not heavy, mixing both acoustic and synthetic elements. I really wanted something that set a mood without really telling you what’s going on, since that’s part of the charm of the movie. Everyone in NY did an awesome job, from the acting to editing and color. Amil really brings together some talented people.

Here’s the official poster for the entry:

Out of Focus Poster

The film is staring Matthew Jenifer, Sumeet Bharati, and Dama Nilz, and was produced by Amil Dave, Christopher Camp, Sumeet Bharati, Matthew Jenifer, and Travis Collins.

Thanks for checking in!

Much Metta,


Pinch Me

I’ve been wanting to blog for quite some time now, but for some reason it doesn’t end up on the top of my priority list as often as I would like. Somehow time with Miles seems to take precedence, and I’m totally ok with that.

I have probably half a dozen things I want to blog about, since there have been changes a-plenty around here. Have you heard about our new studio space? ADDY awards? Center X Productions recordings? No? I haven’t blogged about any of that yet? Hmmm. Ok, maybe tomorrow. For now…

This blog starts in the year 1998. I was out of college and living in Atlanta. I had left teaching middle school band at that point, and was surviving off of private lessons and ramen noodles so I could pursue my dream of writing music for film and television. As part of my exploration into the field, I visited a local studio or two to see what they do, and ended up on a tour at the Todd AO studio in down town Atlanta. Half way through the tour I watch a guy putting shoe squeaks, net swooshes and basketball dunks to a video. It was an ESPN commercial for March madness. I was totally fascinated watching him time out each dunk and swish. Sweeeeet. I was in nerd heaven. I could have sat and watched him the rest of the afternoon.

So… jump ahead to this past fall, and, well, check this video out:

Mad Ants commercial by Punch Films

Go watch it again. And crank it up… That’s right, every swish, swoosh, squeak, dunk, cheer, and beat, baby. The only part I didn’t create is the voice over. I even grabbed a handful of basketball sound effects from various foley sites to create a custom basketball synth in Kontakt to make the rhythm track. It was a fun project in part because Punch hadn’t actually edited all the footage, so I wrote the music based on his concept. Then he edited it to what I wrote. Then I re-worked several parts of the audio to really fit the visuals he had created. This tight back and fourth creates a really strong connection you just can’t get with stock music.

Unfortunately, I haven’t see it on TV yet! I’ve actually heard it’s even been playing on radio. Let me know if anyone out there hears it!

Put sound FX to basketball promo. Check.

Thanks for watching!

Much Metta,



I’m blogging from my iPhone, so this is going to be brief, but I just had to post that Totally Rad Actions is running a giveaway you don’t want to miss!


There’s still time, so be sure to leave them a comment for a chance to win!

BTW, if you aren’t the lucky winner, they have a coupon for 15% off there too. So everyone’s a winner!

Much Metta,


Proud Papa

I know this is a little shameless self promotion, but I just have to blog about a couple photographers who are using some of my music!

First, Robin Cornett has posted a blog featuring her slideshows, so her clients can get excited about seeing their shoot set in motion. I have to say, there’s definitely a thrill seeing something I’ve written paired up with someone else images. (She’s using The Artsy Girl With An Edge, in case you wondered.) Of course, it helps that her photography is beautiful and she did a wonderful job capturing this sweet, happy family!

I feel kind of honored and even a little proud when I watch one of these shows. I recognize that the music a photographer uses becomes a part of their brand, so I’m genuinely honored when someone puts that kind of trust in something I’ve created. Thanks, Robin, both for the blog love and for letting me be a part of your photography business. Oh, and if you’re in the Fort Myers, FL and need a photographer, I definitely have one I would recommend…

The second photographer I wanted to share is Cassie. She’s a relatively new photographer in Ontario who has chosen to use The Girl Next Door and The Popular Girl as background music for her entire website! I actually have to thank Cassie for her patients. When she placed her order, I had a problem with my shopping cart and she didn’t get her music. However, it took me a week to realize it! So, a big thank you to Cassie for her patients and for helping my troubleshoot my shopping cart. (Which is fixed, by the way!) I also wanted to blog about Cassie because even though I offer my music for slideshows, she is using it to set the tone for her entire site!

Thanks for letting me share some of my little successes. I’ve been trying desperately to write another show for high school marching bands, so it’s been a tough week. Revisiting these sites has been just the pick-me-up I needed.

Happy Halloween!


I Love N.Y. – a short film

I moved to Fort Wayne in December before 2000 to work for Sweetwater. They where hiring musicians from all across the country to work as sales engineers there, so just after Thanksgiving I packed up my few belongings and (with the help of my Dad), moved from Atlanta to Fort Wayne to sell music technology to other musicians.

Ok, so I’m not a salesman. It only took me 8 months to come to that conclusion, which is as long as I worked for Sweetwater, but in that time I met Amil, who had started the same week I did. He was a musician from New York City who also moved here to work for Sweetwater. It is through Amil that I eventually met my wife, Betsy, who ALSO worked for Sweewtater, after I left. Follow me?

Anyway, Amil has always been interested in film making. We even shot some scenes here before he moved back to New York sometime during 2001. We’ve stayed in touch over the years and just this spring he emails me to tell me that he’s going to make his first short film and wanted to know if I’d write the music for it.

Are you kidding me?

I’ve loved getting to work with him again. He’s very talented, very motivated, very tenacious, and very laid back. And a film maker now too. Here’s the trailer for the film:

We also put together a website for the move:


Amil writes:

It stars talented actors, Kristen Lewis and Dan Chen. The incredible, original music is by John King. Links for more info about them are on the site.

This film is fairly simple, since it’s my first one. I’m planning on shooting another short (about 30-40 minutes long) late this year or early next year, in Upstate, NY.

I think he’s done an awesome job with every aspect of the production and for his first film, is pretty remarkable. I can’t wait to share the whole short. It was both an incredible challenge and a joy to work on!

Thanks for watching!

Much Metta,


Metta, Baby

Another week, another senior! I know I said a short film was next, but the post has been hijacked. I love having Betsy’s regular demands keep me at the piano keyboard, and this week is no exception. She needed music for her latest gorgeous senior, and I was just the guy for the job. Here’s the slideshow for The Metta One:

So, why The Metta One? Well, let me start by saying I have an INCREDIBLY hard time naming my pieces. It’s almost as if all my creative energy goes into the actual notes, so when it comes time to name it, I’m tapped out. All I can come up with are horribly cheesy names like “Rainbow Lashes” and “Summer Rain”. Not good. So, of course I elicit the help of my wonderful wife and together we are usually able to come up with something. This piece took the better part of 2 days. On our evening pug walk, Betsy suggested “The Zen One” amongst other ideas. I kept saying it, wondering if it worked, when she finally looked me with that “Duh!” look. “The Metta One” she said. Bingo. Now why didn’t I think of that?

Thanks for watching! If you have any questions about the music or the templates, be sure to check out the Music for Photographers section of my website. There’s even a new Help section with a quick ShowIt Web timing template tutorial. Say that 5 times fast.

Much Metta,


The Bubbly One

And then there were seven:

Announcing the 7th piece added to my catalog of Music for Photographers:

The Bubbly One

Each piece I write is like a little child to me. They have their own personality, their own strengths and weaknesses, and I get a little nervous every time I send one out into the world. But send them I must!

So, what do I say about this one? I think it’s different, but in a good way. I focused on the marimba and vibe to carry the tune. They’re a beautiful pair, with the woody warm sound of the marimba in contrast with the more bell like metallic ring of the vibe. My favorite part though is the way the harmony floats around. There’s something very… etherial yet satisfying about it.

More info, and to purchase The Bubbly One

More about Music for Photographers

This is actually a piece I had written for Betsy a few months ago, and I had completely forgotten about it. As I’m going through my archives and preparing music for photographer use, I re-discovered this one. I remember when I wrote it and played it for Betsy the first time, she looks at me and said flatly “That sounds like marching band.” I don’t think that was meant as a compliment… But in her defense, the marimba and vibe are common instruments in indoor percussion music, which I was working on at the time. However, after listening to it several times again today while I worked on the timing templates, I have to say it has become one of my favorites. And who knows, maybe I’ll turn it into a piece for marching band some day!

Thanks for tuning in!

Much Metta,


P.S. – Only one more week to take advantage of 20% off your entire purchase! Just enter MettaAudio as the coupon code when you’re getting ready to check out.

P.P.S. Yes, Betsy is one of my toughest customers. And for the record, she loves this piece now too. I don’t know what made the difference. Maybe it’s the strings…

A Laughing Matter

After writing about Music for Photographers, I’m switching to another genre I’m passionate about: Music for film and TV! I’ve been very lucky over the last couple months to do some work with Punch Films. If you’re not familiar with Punch, they are the visual masterminds behind the Tin Caps promo. Since working on Tin Caps with Derek and his team, I’ve had a chance to do several other local and state wide spots, each of which brought new challenges and new opportunities.

Although TV ads are the bread and butter for Punch, every once in a while they will put together a longer work that gives them a chance to stretch their legs a bit, show what’s possible. Derek came to me with this spot, looking for music. His request? Write something that’s like Desperate Housewives that doesn’t actually sound like Desperate Housewives. And this is what I came up with. Enjoy!

Part of what makes working with Punch so much fun is Derek’s business partner, John. John does comedy and does it really well, especially when he teams up with Jeff Rogers, the lead actor in this spot. I’m very lucky that part of my day job is writing music to help make people laugh! I’ve got a few more Punch collaborations to share, by the way!

Thanks for stopping by. Oh, and if you’re a photographer looking for more new music, I’ll have some by the end of the week. Promise!

Much Metta,


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