Earth: Nature's Canvas field show

Earth: Natures Canvas

“Earth: Nature’s Canvas” was originally inspired by the birth of my son. As the piece evolved, it moved from a portrayal of that specific experience to a more general show about the wonders of Mother Nature. There are several elements that appear throughout the music to unify the listener's experience, including simple and memorable melodies, long impact chords with oscillating inner voices, and eighth note counterpoint builds that lead to strong satisfying impacts.

Antarctic Glaciers

The opener of “Antarctic Glaciers” is massively energetic, punctuated with moments of reflection. However, even the quiet moments continue the movement. Much like the majestic glaciers of the Antarctic, the music is in constant motion with long undulating chords, and building counterpoint writing that leads to grand climaxes. I've strived for a good balance of brass power and woodwind exposure throughout, leaving the listener eager for more.

Sunset on the Serengeti

“Sunset on the Serengeti” is a ballad that is very melody driven, presented first by the solo trumpet. The melody is comforting in its simplicity and also very memorable. Like the setting sun, it is a constant throughout the movement, growing and growing in grandeur and scope. There are solo opportunities for Trumpet, Horn and Euphonium or Trombone. The piece starts quietly and builds twice over its two minute duration. The final climax is reminiscent of the opener’s ending as well. You can almost see the arid landscape bathed in gold and red, ripping in the heat as the sun makes its grand exit. The final climax is as uplifting as it is satisfying.

Northern Lights

The ballad leads directly into the closer, “Northern Lights” which is introduced by a solo snare. The battery feature follows, showcasing each section in turn, including the auxiliary percussion in the pit. The winds then enter with a fast paced and playful rhythmic ostinato and then the main melody for the closer. This piece is characterized by its energy, drive and sparkling nature, not pausing a moment as it dances it's way to the end of your show. We're left with a grand and satisfying closing in 3/4, letting the horn/mellophone section get in the last few words before the release.