Humanity for Marching Band


Ready for your show to go green? Humanity travels through an abstract look at our history, from the dawn of innovation during the industrial revolution, through our current struggle balancing growth and prosperity with the needs of our planet and our shared ecosystem, to a future of celebration where man and nature co-exist harmoniously. This show draws on a unique cinematic sound to combine non-traditional harmonic movements with memorable melodies and a playful tritone motive which will entertain your audience and challenge your students.


Where would we be without the great innovators? This opener pays tribute to mankind’s spirit of invention. It opens with a tinkering, pulsing conversation in the batttery and then quickly builds to an satisfying double climax before transitioning into the B theme. This second theme is more melody driven, hinting at movements to come, and establishes a playful dialogue between the winds and percussion. As the piece finished out, all the work of dreaming and inventing finally give way to one last eureka!


The darker side of human nature comes to this surface in this rousing arrangement filled with percussive highlights. We erupt into the second movement with percussion and tension. This movement challenges many section with the spotlight, including opportunities for visual ensemble drumming right from the start. Depicting the growing conflict between man's ingenuity and his ignorant disregard for the health of our shared planet, we are confronted with aggressive harmonies and tribal inspired percussion.


A gentle and moving ballad, this piece continues our story with a look at the beauty and serenity of mother nature and our place within this great ecosystem. Using unique harmonic movements, accentuated with colorful tritones, and several solos, this piece will captivate and inspire your players throughout the season. Being very melody drive, it will also become a familiar favorite of your audiences, blending melody, strong pacing, and a satisfying climax.


At the pinnacle of our innovation, we as a people are finally able to create and grow as our human nature demands, yet do so in a way that joyfully embraces the needs and gifts of our planet. The piece opens strong, and never lets go, dancing it's way through unique melodies and instrumental features, leading the listener through to a glorious resolution.