Illuminations Field Show


“Illuminations” started as a field adaptation of our popular indoor percussion show of the same title. Based on three different elements of light, the show offers opportunity for colorful visuals, strong pacing, and memorable music. As I was adapting this for the field, I struggled with the middle movement, which was originally conceived for keyboard instruments and just didn't lay well for wind players. After several attempts to adapt it, I finally decided to scrap the movement all together. This turned out to be a great decision, for what followed is one of my favorites, "Aurora Borealis". The longer show length gave me time to develop the themes further resulting in a show that will entertain your audience as well challenge your students.

Tree Shadows

"Tree Shadows" depicts the dramatic and ever moving patterns of light created on the forest floor as the sun dances its way through the tree tops. From a dramatic attention grabbing start, the opener for this show keeps the audience guessing as it trades motives through brass, percussion and woodwinds. The main theme of the movement is both majestic and memorable, ultimately becoming the main climax before the piece retreats into a quiet ending.

Aurora Borealis

A unique and hauntingly simple movement, "Aurora Borealis" is one of a kind. The piece, based entirely on a unique chordal structure will move your audience and become a favorite of your students. The piece offers solo opportunities for flute and clarinet, and features the front ensemble throughout.

Urban Dawn

"Urban Dawn" launches into the end of your show with a full battery feature, giving each section (including the drum set in the front ensemble) a chance at the spotlight. The opening feature gives way to a deceptive full ensemble impact that leads into the groove section. This section, driven rhythmically by the bass voices and percussion, features a pseudo-jazz feel that gives your trumpets and trombones time to shine. This inevitably leads to a re-cap of the main theme from the opener that brings it all home at the end!