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John King

Music for Photographers, Videographers and other Media Creatives

My name is John King, owner of Metta Audio, and I'm happy to present our new music licensing service for all of you creative media types. Here you'll find original music written specifically to compliment your work.


A zipped File

What You Get

When you purchase music from Metta Audio, every piece comes with the following items:

  • CD Quality .wav file
  • High quality mp3
  • ShowItWeb timing templates designed specifically for the music
  • All the rights you need to use the music for your business


Betsy King Photography


Why am I writing music for photography slide shows, anyway? Have you met my wife? When Betsy (Betsy King Photography) was starting to make slideshows for her clients, being a composer, it seemed only natural that I write music for her. After putting together several shows and getting some wonderful feedback from her clients, I decided I wanted to offer my services to other creative professionals. Since she's always putting together new shows and need new music, I'll be adding to the catalog almost on a weekly basis. So check back often.


Let me listen

Listen & Watch!!

Enough talk, what you really want is to listen to the music and watch the slideshows, right? Just click on the 'listen' tab above to hear the music. And if you're interested in seeing a sample of the included timing templates, visit our product page on the blog.

Listen & Watch

Neighborhood Series

I know all you really want to do is listen to the music and watch the slide show, right? It's all right here, so sit back and enjoy!

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Why Should I Buy Your Music?

There are many places photographers and videographers can get music for their productions. Why on earth should you buy music from Metta Audio? I'm glad you asked!

Timing Templates

ShowItWeb has become one of the standards for producing awesome slideshows without hours of tweaking, so it only makes sense to include two (sometimes more) different timing templates with each song. That way, it's truly plug-n-play!

Actually, MUSICAL Timing Templates

Have you ever noticed that ShowItWeb slideshows doesn't always feel quite right? I've discovered that's because the transitions are in the wrong place. By adjusting the timing of the slideshow to finish the transition on the beat, the end result feels more natural and fits the music better. That means a better presentation of your images! Go to the listening page to see for yourself.

Satisfaction, Guaranteed

I'm an artist just like you. And I want happy customers more than anything else, so if for any reason you're not 100% satisfied, just let me know and I will make it right.

Because You LOVE the Music

Right? So get listening

You've Got Questions?

Q: Do you sell the music without timing templates?

A: The short answer is... for right now, I do not.

The long answer? The timing templates are an interesting thing for me. On one hand, what you're purchasing is the music and rights to use it. The timing templates are a bonus. On the other hand, including the timing template is important to me. Slideshows are as much about timing as they are about the images. (Right? A slideshow without timing is... a gallery.) Since timing is what music is all about, I feel somewhat uniquely qualified to make really good timing templates for the music I write.

As a side note, if there are any other programs I should be making templates for, let me know. Anything I can do to help a photographer get the most out of their music, the better.

Q: I'm a wedding Photographer and I make longer (or shorter) shows. Do you have any pieces that are (insert your specific time here) in length?

A: Currently, I've been writing music for my wife, who always likes shows in the 2 minute range. If you've looking for something longer, send me an email with details about your specific need. And then tell your friends to do that same. If I get enough requests for a specific length or style, you better believe I'll be cranking out some music for it!

More Questions?

Have more questions? Contact me! I'm always happy to help out.

Help Has Arrived!

QuickStart PDF

Looking for help with your Metta Audio timing templates? You're in the right place. I've created a Quickstart PDF just for you. It covers:

  • HOW TO - Applying the Templates
  • Your Timing Template Options
  • Best Practices for a Great Show

Download your Quickstart PDF here.

Screen Casts

Not interested in reading? Here's a quick screen cast to get you up and rolling in no time. Or in only 2:40, as the case may be.

Click here to open the Timing Template Tutorial

Royalty Free Music from Metta Audio

End User License Agreement

Thank you for choosing Metta Audio! It means a great deal to us here at Metta Audio that you’ve taken time to support artists like yourself, and are licensing music for your website, slideshow and DVD presentations. This license outlines how you can use the music you’ve purchased from us. If you have any questions about how to use our music or comments about the music, please let us know!

Permitted Usages

Your purchase fee constitutes payment for a non-exclusive, non-transferable, single (1 individual user) license, lasting for ninety-nine (99) years from the date of purchase. This license allows you (the LICENSEE) the right to use the musical compositions you purchased and downloaded from Metta Audio as accompaniment to, or set in synchronization with, the following forms of media:

  • Photographs: Your Photo/slideshow presentations on CDs, DVDs, or your website. This is restricted to a single domain per license. Please contact me for adding additional domains.
  • Website: As part of your personal or commercial website, but only together with images, text, or other visual/audio content, in such a way that music is used in a supporting/secondary role, and is not the main feature of the website. Again, this is restricted to a single domain per license. Please contact me for adding additional domains.
  • Video/DVD: You may use the music within your event videos, corporate presentation videos, PowerPoint presentations, portfolio presentations, web video clips, within flash animation, slide show presentations, promotional videos and promotional DVDs
  • On-hold: You may use the music as Telephone “on-hold” music for your business.


  • Broadcast - No TV, Satellite, Motion Picture Film, and Radio usage is included in this license. If you are interested in using our music for broadcast, please contact us for a customized license agreement.
  • Retail Sale - This license does not allow you to include our music in any product for retail sale to the general public. You may, however, use the music on products that you sell to your event clients, such as wedding slideshows or videos on DVD, corporate or birthday party coverage DVD's, portrait session slideshow DVD's, etc.
  • Distribution - Music may be streamed but shall not be made available for download. You may not use the music in any downloadable format intended for multiple distribution including, without limitation, in a product that enables an end-user to create his/her own soundtrack using the music, in a template-based system that resells any products including the music, or in a "create-it-yourself" media tool or subscription service of any type.
  • Sampling/ Re-recording - This license does not allow you to use samples of amy music you buy here within another musical composition, or to add instruments, vocals, or samples to the music. You may, however, use the track as a background ‘bed’ under a separate voiceover (spoken, non-singing/non-rapping) performance.
  • Background Use Only - This license does not allow you to use our music as a solo or main performance. You may only use the music as background, accompaniment, or in synchronization with your video and photographic presentations as listed above.
  • Copyright - All rights, title, and copyrights in and to the music (including, but not limited to, artists’ images, artist photographs, music, and lyrics) remain the property of John King and Metta Audio.
  • Liability - Our products are provided "as is" with the sole warranty that defective downloads will be replaced at our discretion within 30 days upon proof of purchase. No other warranties or conditions are expressed or implied.
  • No Liability for Damages - In no event is John King, Metta Audio, or our partners liable for any damages whatsoever arising out of the use of or inability to use this product. In any case, Metta Audio’s entire liability under any provision of this License shall be limited to the amount actually paid by you for the license. This Agreement contains the sole and entire understanding between Metta Audio and LICENSEE. No representations, oral or otherwise, express or implied, other than those contained in this Agreement have been made.
  • Metta Audio and LICENSEE understand that the terms of this Agreement are contractual and not mere recitals.
  • Governing Law - The laws of the State of Indiana govern this agreement.